2020 ACPN Exhibitor Directory

The 2020 ACPN Exhibitor Directory is the only exhibitor directory geared towards content professionals in the automotive aftermarket. Keep this year-long resource in your pocket to search for Software Solution / Content Related Service Providers who provide the products and services you need to take your product content to the next level. The ACPN Committee and Community thanks all participating 2020 exhibiting companies for supporting the ACPN Community.


APA Engineering Private Limited

Website: www.apaengineering.com
Email: dennis@apaengineering.com
Phone: (866) 285-1292
Social: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Company Description:
APA Engineering is a member of AutoCare and a one stop shop for all IT, Software and Cataloging solutions for the Aftermarket Industry. Over the last 20 years, APA Engineering has offered solutions to some of the largest and most reputable suppliers, distributors and resellers in this industry. Our products and services include:

  • ACES PIES Data Mapping for Light Duty, Heavy Duty and Off Highway Equipment segments.
  • PIM Softwares (Manage your data and custom export to your receivers) 
  • Cataloging Solutions (Book, PDF, Web and Mobile App catalogs)
  • B2B / B2C Online Stores (Your own branded stores with advance search filters; BigCommerce, Drupal, Magento and other platforms.)
  • ECommerce Marketplaces (Data mapping, listing, optimization and sales acceleration for Amazon, Ebay etc.)
  • Data Management (Bulk data and image processing, extraction, mapping etc)
  • Digital Assets Management (collage software, image editing, enhancement, watermarking etc.)
  • Data and application research
  • Custom software, website & mobile apps development

We also offer:
  • Compliance Services: Prop 65, Conflict Minerals, IMDS, REACH, RoHS etc.
  • Sourcing Services: Supplier Management, Procurement, Inspection & Logistics
  • Engineering Services: Engg drawings, surface and solid modeling, legacy conversions & analysis
APA Engineering Slide Deck.pdf Download Link

Autology Data Management Group

Website: autologydata.com
Email: info@autologydata.com
Phone: (801) 949-4645

Company Description:
Since 2004, Autology Data has offered do-it-for-me catalog data services with no monthly contracts or monthly fees. Our automotive, powersports, and medium/heavy duty experts will help you get your catalog and product data into clean ACES, PIES, or NAPA Parts Pro files. Pay by project – use us as much or as little as you need. We do not sell software. Our focus means that we can turn your files around quicker than our competitors. Our attention to detail means that your file is much more likely to be accepted by your receivers on the first try.

  • Data Mapping to ACES, PIES, and NAPA Parts Pro
  • Data Conversion/Transformation
  • Omission/Holes Reports
  • Discrepancy/Error Report Resolution
  • File Assessments and Data Validation

Bradford & Bigelow

Website: www.bradford-bigelow.com
Email: sales@bradford-bigelow.com
Phone: (978) 904-3100
Social: LinkedInFacebookTwitterYouTube

Company Description:
As an Auto Care Association member, Bradford & Bigelow takes great pride in serving the automotive community for all of its printing needs. The reasons ACA members choose B&B is our specialization in the 8.5x11 family of trim sizes that results in the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As an ISO 9001:2015 trained workforce, you can expect experienced and responsive customer service as well as high-quality products. We have web offset, digital, and inkjet print platforms with quality halftone reproduction and face-edge printing to offer you the utmost flexibility for your printed projects. B&B also offers drop shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment. If you have any questions or you'd like to learn how our organization can help yours, reach out today!

  • Printed aftermarket catalogs
  • Printed product and service manuals
  • Printed price lists - Printed parts booklets
  • Fulfillment, warehousing, and distribution

DataPoint Inc.

Website: www.aftermarketdata.com
Email: sales@dpilive.com
Phone: (800) 290-1406

Company Description:
Data management at its finest! Our company DataPoint Inc. (DPI) is well known for our affordable in-house management system. This software was developed by catalog managers for catalog managers. While the features and options are infinite the system itself is simple to use and affordable for a single line product manufacturer/supplier, but is able to scale to an enterprise level. The DM delivers. Imagine no more manual .xls sheets. No more look-ups from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. Real catalog data combined with product information, ERP/Inventory costs, price, and availability. All done inside one system with a user interface that can be mastered in just an afternoon. unmatched.

Deliver data to all departments and customers across the market from one central repository. Built on a cost and user friendly yet scalable MySQL database we have complete access to the data. Meaning access to the data has never been easier. Any report, feed, spreadsheet or .csv you can want is accessible. Looking at strategies we can build complete import files for online commerce, product announcements, product information to sales people, digital media to online retailers; virtually anything. The DM can connect to your ODBC compliant ERP/Inventory system and deliver PIES data with your customer’s pricing, inventory feeds or any other inclusive reporting you may need. All of which can be done on an automated hands free schedule within the system. Security and safety of the data is paramount offering on and off site backup to Amazon Cloud Servers for safekeeping.

  • Mapping
  • Export and Automated Delivery
  • Automated Supplier Imports
  • Private Branding
  • Virtual Kits


Website: https://ecatsolution.com/
Email: john@ecatsolution.com
Phone: (419) 349-6513

Company Description:
Today's reality is that you are continually asked to do more with less. eCatSolution offers On-Demand, Scalable Content Support for that extra pair of hands when you need it.

  • Application Mapping
  • Product Information Maintenance
  • Data Management & Delivery to Recipients
  • ACES, PIES, Attributes, Qualifiers, NAPA, Amazon 
  • No Monthly Fees or Contracts

GCommerce Inc.

Website: www.gcommerceinc.com
Email: sluckett@gcommerceinc.com
Phone: (240) 305-6563
Social: LinkedInYouTube

Company Description:
GCommerce operates the largest electronic messaging and e-commerce network in the vehicular aftermarket. Every day GCommerce connects over 1,200 manufacturer/suppliers with 600 retailer/distributors. And every month over one million transactions are exchanged. The Commerce Bridge from GCommerce is a unified suite of products and services that fully enables end-to-end e-commerce in the distribution supply chain. Electronic Messaging, Supply Chain Visibility, Fulfillment / Shipping, Product Content, Online Commerce, and Business Analytics - all of the elements to successfully compete and win in the age of digital distribution are part of the Commerce Bridge.

  • Electronic Messaging of EDI transactions, inventory data and PIES content
  • Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) for Drop Ship orders
  • e-Commerce Fulfillment and Shipping Management
  • Product Content library for PBES industry

IDF - Integrate Data Facts

Website: www.idfacts.com
Email: evaristo@idfacts.com
Phone: (248) 608 6869

Company Description:
IDF is a private and independent firm that specializes in research and consultancy for the automotive aftermarket. IDF is headquartered in Michigan and has dedicated staff in: Michigan, Mexico City and other Latin American countries. IDF is the pioneer and leader in Mexico OE Research.

IDF also provides Mexico high quality VIO, and market intelligence. Even though we started our practice in Mexico, we now have VIO for several Latin American markets, also mapped to ACES. IDF started in 2010 and this year marks our tenth anniversary, providing high quality data for Mexico and Latin America.

  • Mexico VIO - High quality Mexico VIO, mapped to ACES, for Light and Medium/Heavy vehicles
  • Mexico OE Data - Original Equipment Parts numbers, mapped to ACES
  • VIO for several Latin American markets, mapped to ACES

IHS Markit

Website: www.ihsmarkit.com/worldview
Email: dan.saar@ihsmarkit.com
Phone: (248) 465-2896

Company Description:
IHS Markit (NYSE: INFO) is a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies worldwide. With a legacy dating back to the 1920s when R.L. Polk published the first vehicle registration reports, our automotive solutions deliver next-generation insights to help customers improve operational efficiency and inform confident strategic decisions. With a reputation for enabling better decisions and better results, our expertise spans every major market and the entire automotive value chain—from product planning to marketing, sales and the aftermarket.

  • Global Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles-in-Operation – both national and local geography
  • OE Parts Research for Europe, Mexico and China
  • VIN Decoding Services Mapped to ACES including Plate-to-VIN
  • Global Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Forecasting including Production, New Vehicle Sales, and Vehicles-in-Operation
  • Global Automotive Component and Technology Production Forecasting
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5597-V~1.PDF Download Link
6914-0120-JL-AUT-MexicoVIOData-Update4-Final-Hires.pdf Download Link
8722-1219-JL-AUT-AftermarketHandout-Update5-Final-Hires.pdf Download Link

Innovative Logic Corp

Website: www.innovatvielogic.com
Email: info@innovativelogic.comstewart@innovativelogic.com
Phone: (613) 284-0647 ext. 1
Social: LinkedIn

Company Description:
Innovative Logic is the maker of the PartSmart All in One product information management (PIM) system, and a provider of parts information management services to leaders in the automotive aftermarket industry worldwide. PartSmart All in One allows manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to exchange and manage accurate, standardized product information through the entire supply chain – anytime anywhere.

  • Product Information Management (PIM) Software
  • Data Mapping and Validation - Global Data services
  • Catalog Management
  • E-commerce & Web services
ILC Multi-Page Brochure Updated.pdf Download Link


Website: www.jnpsoft.com
Email: sales@jnpsoft.com
Phone: (514) 858-9994
Social: LinkedInFacebook

Company Description:
JNPSoft provides tools to help aftermarket auto part suppliers with the mapping, maintenance, development and publishing of their catalog data in formats such as Legacy, ACES, PIES, NAPA, web, pdf and more. Ultimately, our Cataloging Solutions – PartCat, Data Management, MyPartFinder, and combined team of developers and product managers – makes JNPSoft the leader in the market.

  • PartCat - Industry leading PIM solution
  • Data Management Services
  • OE Data Research - US, Canada and Mexico light duty vehicles
  • MyPartFinder web catalog
  • Conversion services - ACES <> TecDoc
General Brochure-min.pdf Download Link


Website: www.oats-solutions.com
Email: sales@oats-solutions.com
Phone: (312) 721-5851
Social: LinkedIn

Company Description:
OATS, part of the Infopro Digital group, delivers lubricant data solutions for the automotive and lubricants industries by combining equipment and product specifications along with third party data sources. Our applications and technical expertise enable customers to develop, recommend nd sell their lubricant products to businesses and consumers.

  • Lube Selector websites and API feeds
  • Lube extract for online catalogues
  • Market & Product analytics
  • Lube brand cross reference application
  • Equipment Lube survey application

OptiCat LLC

Website: www.opticat.net
Bryan Thuesonbthueson@opticat.net
Charley Johnson charley23@me.com
Don McEnteedmcentee@opticat.net
Blake Barsonbbarson@opticat.net
Marc Poulsen mpoulsen@opticat.net
Kyle Johnsonkjohnson@opticat.net
Brandi Williamsbwilliams@opticat.net
Phone: (801) 542-0560
Social: LinkedIn

Company Description:
OptiCat LLC is a US cloud based software company that provides a secure data repository for product and application information with data validation and secure distribution services for Suppliers and their Channel Partners in the Automotive and Heavy Duty Truck Aftermarket. The programs in the OptiCat “Network” help Suppliers improve trading partner relationships, eliminate catalog errors, reduce information processing costs and speed cataloging information to global markets in “near real time”, Helping Everyone Sell More Parts! OptiCat also maintains the fastest, most current industry standard OnLine Parts Research Catalog at www.OptiCatonline.com.

  • Secure data repository for Aftermarket Suppliers, Data Receivers and Technology Providers
  • ACES and PIES data validation
  • Secure data distribution in multiple formats
  • Reduce costs by improving internal data management efficiencies
  • Increase speed to market by delivering data updates in near real time
OptiCat Handout.pdf Download Link
OptiCat HD Handout.pdf Download Link

PDM Automotive (Paramount Data Management)

Website: www.pdm-automotive.com
Email: info@pdm-automotive.com
Phone: (206) 472-1PDM (1736)
Social: LinkedInTwitter

Company Description:
PDM was founded in 2017 on the principle that creating, distributing and consuming high-quality automotive product data should be easy, transparent and improve sales. We exist to create experiences where brands feel empowered to take charge of their own data, resellers seamlessly have access to all product information in real-time, and service providers can add their own special contributions to the process. We do this by engaging with like-minded organizations, listening, and utilizing the latest technologies to create an intuitive platform for the flow of high-quality automotive product data between all our customers’ trading partners.

Manufacturer/Brand Benefits
  • Cloud based automotive product data platform
  • Single source of data for all Brand & Reseller channels
  • PDM assures compliance with ACES & PIES data
  • Live quality analysis and recommendations for data improvement
  • Backed with Auto Care table/data/structure
  • User defined scorecards to rate data quality

Reseller/Receiver Benefits
  • Aggregate all supplier data on the PDM platform for single source & consistent data stream
  • User defined scorecards to rate data quality
  • Receive data from rapidly growing list of data suppliers
  • Data platform perfect for private label functionality
  • Platform supports Marketplaces, eCommerce, Distributors, Retailers, Brick & Mortar & Online resellers
PDM_Receiver_Feature-and-Benefits_2pg_ACPN_Directory.pdf Download Link
PDM_Supplier_Feature-and-Benefits_1pg_ACPN_Directory.pdf Download Link

Power Systems Research

Website: www.Powersys.com
Email: lfisher@powersys.commtarbet@powersys.com
Phone: (651) 905-8400
Social: LinkedInTwitterYouTube

Company Description:
Power Systems Research (PSR) is the leading source of global production, forecast, and population data for equipment and vehicles powered by IC engines as well as electric and hybrid powertrains. Our Databases cover 13 industry segments in over 150 countries.

In addition to our proprietary databases we have also developed component data that is available as a part of a database subscription or extract. Some of the component information available includes Turbos, Transmissions, Batteries, Oil and Oil Change Intervals, Emissions, Filters and many more.

  • Data-Intelligence
  • Forecasting
  • Market Solutions
  • Custom Market Studies
  • Components Research
PSR-LTR-Components-Summary-29Jan2020.pdf Download Link
PSR_LTR_OE-Link_29Jan2020.pdf Download Link

Solenium Group

Website: www.soleniuminc.com
Claudio Di Sano cdisano@soleniuminc.com
Ron Larson
Phone: (800) 811-5473
Social: LinkedInYouTube

Company Description:

For over 35 years, Solenium provides catalog and product information management solutions to Aftermarket companies. Customers include ...

  • Talking Pictures: Solenium's catalog management system empowers businesses to manage and deliver application and part data throughout their supply chain. With this system, companies can create, validate and synchronize application data in industry-standard ACES format.
  • PieSync: This software solution merges product data from multiple systems in multiple formats. With PieSync you can manage all your product data with validated output to the industry-standard PIES format.

Solenium's Talking Pictures makes it easy to:

  • Manage all aspects of part and application data from a single, centralized system.
  • Collaborate and share data across various roles and functions within an organization.
  • Output application and part data in industry-standard formats including ACES and PIES.
  • Provide timely, accurate information to trading partners across the supply chain.
  • Distribute product catalogs in multiple formats, including print and electronic media.

Solenium Group Overview.pdf Download Link

Strobel Professional Services, LLC.

Website: www.strobelprofessionals.com
Email: karens@strobelprofessionals.com
Phone: (904) 404-5249
Social: LinkedInFacebookTwitterYouTube

Company Description:
Product Data, Hazmat Data, ADA Compliance, Accessibility services including Prop 65, jurisdictional restrictions, video compliance and more.

  • Product Attribute Data Management
  • PIES & Custom Data Formats
  • Hazmat Data Management (Prop65, SDS & More)
  • Accessibility & ADA Compliance (Videos, PDFs, Website & More)
SPS_Services_Graphic.pdf Download Link

Syndigo, LLC.

Website: www.syndigo.com/automotive
Email: marketing@syndigo.com
Phone: (312) 766-4801
Social: LinkedInFacebookTwitterYouTube

Company Description:
Syndigo enables commerce by supporting the efficient transfer of information between brands and their customers. We provide descriptive product information, images and other digital media, powered by deep analytics to empower engaging brand experiences online and in store. Through Syndigo's integrated platform, Content Experience Hub, clients can publish, manage, syndicate and audit their product content across the largest trading network of brand and recipients in the world. Syndigo is a proud Autocare Association member.

Syndigo serves more than 10,000 brands and 1,500 retailers globally in many important consumer industries including automotive, apparel, foodservice, grocery, hardlines, health and beauty, home improvement/DIY, pet, and healthcare products. For more information please visit www.syndigo.com.

  • Product Information Management and Syndication services
  • Real-Time Data Quality Reporting and Metrics
  • Digital Asset Management and Enhanced Content services
  • Data Transformation Services: Content collection, creation, and enrichment
  • ACES/PIES, GDSN, Amazon, and Walmart Compliant Distributions

Visual SKUs Inc.

Website: www.visualskus.com
General - sales@visualskus.com
Shannon Crookstonscrookston@visualskus.com
Ron Larson - rlarson@visualskus.com
Phone: (888) 447-0918
Social: LinkedInYouTube

Company Description:
Visual SKUs offers Aftermarket businesses software and services to power their product images.

Digital Asset and Image Production Management SOFTWARE (www.visualskus.com/amplify-overview)

Amplify, Visual SKUs unique DAM software, allows businesses to produce, manage, and distribute their product images with speed, agility, and accuracy.
  • Produce: Increase production and quality, lower costs, and provide stakeholder visibility with online project management, image editing and QA, and product photography workflows.
  • Manage: Efficiently manage, organize, search, and share digital assets, metadata, and delivery profiles, in a single centralized system.
  • Distribute: Automate the process of sending product images and metadata, in the format and delivery method your internal systems and customers require.

Still, 360, and 3D Product Photography SERVICES (www.visualskus.com/imaging-services-overview)

Visual SKUs’ product photography and image production services, offered in-studio at their Taylor, Michigan studio or onsite at customer’s DC, has produced millions of product images from thousands of categories.

Customers include FRAM, Dana, Bosch, Federal Mogul, IMC, Tenneco, and Continental.

Visual SKUs offers the following services:

  • In-studio high-volume product photography: Still, 360, and 3D product image production services in our Taylor, MI studio.
  • Onsite product photography services: Image production in our customer's distribution centers.
  • Image editing services: Basic and advanced image editing services.
  • 360 and 3D product photography equipment: Visual SKUs partners with Ortery Technologies to offer Aftermarket companies professional DIY product photography solutions.
  • Product photography and image production consulting: For Aftermarket companies that opt for a DIY in-house product photography solution, Visual SKUs provides consulting on equipment, production workflows, and human resources. 

Visual SKUs Amplify Overview.pdf Download Link
Visual SKUs Services Overview.pdf Download Link

WHI Solutions Inc.

Website: www.whisolutions.com
Email: sales@whisolutions.com
Phone: (914) 697-9400
Social: LinkedIn

Company Description:
WHI Solutions, is an eBay Company that automates over $4.3 Billion in online parts ordering for wholesale and consumer sales. Nexpart is a parts selling technology platform including eCommerce and eCatalog that helps increase sales and reduce order processing costs. WHI provides solutions across the supply chain.

  • eCommerce includes B2B portals, eBay Listing automation, B2C sites and integrations into the leading DMS/WMS/SMS platforms in the aftermarket, OE, and heavy duty industries.
  • Nexpart's new B2B Catalog interface includes Type It, Find It features to speed up catalog look ups. Parts Buyers can also see the Top 40 parts failing on a specific vehicle to create upsell opportunities.
  • eCatalog includes publishing manufacturer brand data into eCommerce and Point-of-Sale channels. We also offer catalogs that can be integrated into software and websites via API or punch out to our web-based Nexpart Counter Catalog (NCC) product.
  • Nexpart eBay Link lists more parts on eBay than any other solution.
  • Integration Tools

Winsby Group LLC

Website: www.winsbygroup.com
Email: sales@winsbygroup.com
Phone: (314) 432-9222 ext. 101
Social: Twitter

Company Description:
Winsby Group's "best of class" standards-based solutions help power many of the industry's top suppliers. Our deep knowledge and extensive experience with industry standards help companies, both big and small, implement successful ACES, PIES, Digital Assets & Print-based projects.

Our primary role in the new Sandpiper initiative shows our commitement to improving processes, shortening time-to-market and giving back to the industry. We remain confident that together, we can help make the industry more efficent and increase profits throughout the channel. Please contact us to get involved on the ground floor of this exciting new initiative.

  • ACES & PIES Consulting
  • NAPA Mapping Services
  • Print Catalog Layout & Design
  • Sandpiper Consulting
  • Custom Programming Services